Core Nutritionals Pumpkin Spice Isolate


Pumpkin Spice – Core isolate has a texture that is incredibly smooth and decadent but not too dense. It isn’t light by any means but it carries a perfect rich pumpkin flavor with a good dose of spices. The one-two punch of pumpkin purée and cinnamon are noticed upon your first sip without being too overpowering. While the pumpkin flavor is very deep and impressively true with subtle notes of cinnamon and nutmeg that are present but far from aggressive. It isn’t terribly spicy but it is very accurate to the balance of flavors. Overall Core found a very happy medium between spice and pumpkin to bring you the best of both worlds.


Core Nutritionals Isolate protein powder mixes with ease. The powder is extremely light and the second it hits the liquid in a shaker cup of blender it will start to dissolve. I found 6oz of liquid to be a sweet spot to capture the true flavor of the product. I also like to mix 1-2 scoops with yogurt to form a protein pudding. The isolate does mix with no clumps and is on the thin side. That is to be expected when you have a pure cold filtered isolate with no extra added ingredients besides flavoring.


110 Calories
.5g Fat
.5g Carb
24g Protein

Core Nutritionals Isolate is a cold filtered isolate. The only other ingredients are natural/artificial flavors, cinnamon extract, and sucralose. The addition of cinnamon is there to help bring out the true pumpkin spice compliment. Overall you are getting a very clean and pure product with no extra-added ingredients.