Olympus Lyfestyle No Mercy (Stim Free) Review



Bombsicle – A bombsicle is a mixture of blue raspberry, cherry, and lime. Olympus Lyfestyle was able to capture all three of these flavors in an equal ratio when flavoring No Mercy. I personally felt like there may be a slight bias to blue raspberry over the other two complimenting flavors, but that may be nitpicking. I personally like how the density shines even with a heavy raw active pump formula. Olympus Lyfestyle just off this product alone is a big step up from the old Olympus Labs Conquer Unleashed Non-Stim.


I had no problems mixing No Mercy in 8-12oz of water. Given the heavy formula and raw actives sometimes there can be issues with particles or foaming. After a few shakes and giving it a bit to settle I had neither of those. Since Olympus Lyfestyle is new to the market (previously Olympus Labs) this is the first powdered product I have tried from the brand since the rebranding.


Per 2 Scoops:
6g L-Citrulline (Pump, NO Enhancement, Delay Lactic Acid Build Up)
3g L-Taurine (Recovery/Hydration)
2g Peak02 (Improve VO2 Output)
500mg Cherry Tart Extract (Improve Recovery)
300mg Vaso6 (NO Enhancement, Improve Blood Flow)
50mg S7 (boost nitric oxide by an impressive 230% to help with blood flow and pumps)
25mg Kanna Ease (increase in cAMP improves both mood and sleep habits)

- Open-Label
- Heavy doses of pump products
- Good Flavoring
- BSCG Certificate (Certified GMP, Certified for Drugs/Banned Substances, Certified to meet label claims)