Hey guys, new to the forum

Little background, I have pretty little training experience and have been lifting for the last 9 months or so. About 3 weeks or so on bench press, on my last rep I felt a slight pop & tingle in my left shoulder. Didnít seem very bad at the time but in the following week it definitely got painful enough to not sleep on my side. Nothing debilitating but definitely enough that I took a break for a few weeks. Pain seemed to travel to different spots of the shoulder so Iím assuming a pinched nerve.

Now after a break, itís definitely feeling better. A tiny bit of soreness here and there but mostly nothing. Iím really trying to get back to lifting because while Iíve been hitting cardio, Iím falling behind on my strength/muscle building goals. How would you guys handle getting back to lifting after this? Iím really not trying to injure myself and have to take more time away & I was never an athlete growing up so I am pretty ignorant about sports injuries.

Any advice/thoughts are greatly appreciated.