Nutrabio Alpha EAA NY Punch Review


New York Punch – New York Punch was originally made as an intra-blast flavor exclusive to Natural Body Inc. Due to the high Demand, Nutrabio decided to expand it into Alpha EAA. New York Punch is an exotic tropical fruit punch flavor. What is unique about this flavor is how it plays mind games with you on what flavor is the dominating factor. Your taste buds will be consumed with mango, kiwi, orange, pineapple, and a strong coconut flavor. For those who are not big coconut fans, it may persuade you to look to other flavors on their line. If you enjoy a very diverse flavored product this is the one for you. New York Punch is a flavor you could mix with extra liquid, sip on, and enjoy the diversity of refreshing flavors.


I have found that 10-12oz per scoop of Alpha EAA is my sweet spot. Usually, with a larger scoop size, there is a higher possibility of clumping and particles floating around after shaking. There was no foaming or issues with mixing the product. After 10 shakes this was totally dissolved. Nutrabio is very good with mixability across the board on all of its products even with diverse ingredient profiles.


Per Scoop:
- 8.2g EAA/BCAA Matrix (Recovery)
- 300mg Alpha GPC (Cognitive Enhancer)
- 50mcg Huperzine A (Cognitive Enhancer)
- 500mg Vita Choline (Cognitive Enhancer)
- 300mg KSM-66 Ashwagandha (Decreases Stress, Improves Mood, Lowers Cortisol)
- 500mg CocoPure Coconut Water Powder (Hydration & Recovery)
- 1.2g Taurine (Hydration & Recovery)
- 50mg Astragin (Improves Nutrient Uptake)

Nutrabio is famous for transparent formulas. This is just another great product that has a very well dosed ingredient profile. This is a massive upgrade from EAA Pure & EAA Energy with added focus, cognitive, and memory aspects. The addition of KSM-66 helps keep cortisol levels down, fights stress, and improves mood.

Ranking of Flavors

1. Cherry Limeade
2. Grape
3. Strawberry Lemon Bomb
4. New York Punch
5. Dragon Fruit Candy

- 8.2g EAA/BCAA Blend
- Added Nootropics
- Hydration Complex