Campus Protein Fuel Fruit By The Scoop Review


Fruit By The Scoop Fruit By The Scoop is a limited edition fuel flavor that is to replicate Fruit Roll-Ups. Fruit Roll-Ups are a fruit snack that comes in over a dozen flavors. Upon the first sip, there is an array of flavors that will have your taste buds guessing. At first I picked up fruit punch, and then I found cherry, blue raspberry, lime, and hints of strawberry all congeal together to make a unique flavor. It is very hard to put my finger on exactly what stands out the most, but this is an incredibly refreshing flavor. This is neck and neck all-time with Pink Burst as my all-time top fuel flavor. Due to how unique the flavor is this is one that will truly stand out among the crowd. Since this is a limited edition flavor this will not be available year-round like the permanent flavors are.

Ranking of Fuel Flavors:

1) Pink Burst (Pink Starburst Replica) // Fruit By The Scoop
2) Pink Burst (Pink Starburst Replica) // Fruit By The Scoop
3) White Frost (White Monster Replica)
4) Sour Watermelon Wedges
5) Baja Breeze (Taco Bell Drink Replica)
6) Strawberry Kiwi
7) Peach Rings
8) Lemon Drop

** Remember I am not a big lemon or peach fan, but it is very refreshing **


CP Fuel mixes with ease. Just touching the water the powder will start to dissolve. I even mixed with a spoon in water and had nothing stick to the cup. I was amazed at how flawless this does mix. In a blender bottle or shaker bottle, you will have no particles floating around or any foaming. This is a huge plus to the product especially if you ware on the go and want to just add it to a water bottle and slug it down.


Creatine Monohydrate 1.5g - Power, Performance, Endurance, Recovery
Beta-Alanine 1.2g - Endurance, Recovery, Delay Fatigue
L-Citrulline is 1g -- Pump, Nitric Oxide, Prevent Lactic Acid Build Up
Betaine is 750mg -- Power and Performance
L-Arginine is 500mg -- Boosts Nitric Oxide levels
L-Tyrosine is 500mg -- Cognitive Enhancer for Focus and Mood
DL-Choline Bitartrate is 300mg -- Cognitive Enhancer for Focus and Mood
Caffeine is 200mg -- Stimulant
Taurine is 500mg -- Antioxidant, Recovery, Pumps
L-Norvaline 120mg - Keeps nitric oxide levels high
Huperzine A 2.5mg - Nootropic for mood, energy, and cognitive enhancement


- Around 40-50/Cents a Serving
- Cost-Effective Energy Drink Replacement
- Gives a long=lasting jolt of energy.
- Flavoring is top of the line