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    Default Light knee exercises to rebuild strength & flexibility?

    I have finally decided that I have had enough of being majorly out of shape and have began to exercise. I have a 30-day beginners exercise plan that I am following now, but there is one issue with some of the things they have me do mainly related to my knees (squats, lunges, etc) as they just want to give out after the first or second one of them. Most of the other exercises I have no problem with even if I'm on my feet while doing them, it's just when I have to bend them mostly and put my body weight on them to lift me back up that they have the problem. I've always had semi-issues with my knees where that type of motion was more difficult so being really out of shape has made the problem way worse. I was wondering if there were specific lighter type exercises I could do to try to help build the strength up in them or even variations of the main ones to help lighten the impact my body weight would have on them.

    I don't know if it matters but, but my current height/weight is 5'9" at 190lbs. I am also doing my workouts from home and have access a treadmill, resistance bands, yoga ball, dumbbell weights (5-52.5lb adjustable) & kettle bells (5, 10 & 15lb).

    Any advice/help is greatly appreciated!

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    Basic Knee strengthening exercises

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