Hello All,

Newish to compound lifts (started a program 2 months ago), and rotating through squats, standing press, bench press, barbell rows, and deadlifts. The basic compound lifts (call it "inspired by Stronglifts").

I lift 3 days per week, kind of M/W/F or sometimes M/W/Sat, and mix in cycling, hiking, or just sports on off-days.

About three weeks into the program, I rounded my back on the descent in a deadlift, and hurt my back. I took 3 weeks off to recover, and then about 5 weeks later, did it again (though not as badly).

I *know* deadlifts are my nemesis, so I read Rippetoe, really studied form, practiced deadlift form with lighter weight (95lbs), and then it STILL got me (185lb deadlift)! Pretty bummed, as I sit here realizing I'm going to miss 2-3 week again!

So I admit it: I'm too weak/inflexible/whatever to safely deadlift weight. I need to *get* to the point where I can safely and productively deadlift.

Looking for suggestions for a good posterior chain program to get me to the point where I can actually reintroduce deadlifts.