Hello, I wanted post this to see how Iíve done so far setting this up, any and all help would greatly be appreciated. This is what I have so far for a full body A-B-A/B-A-B three day a week plan. Itís been about three years since Iíve exercised to this extent after my injury (golfers elbow and shoulder problem). I donít have access to gym with great equipment, home gym it is. I have plenty of dumbbells(adjustable), plates, ez bar, chin up bar, resistance bands and a tricep bar. (The numbers are the orders I would do them in)

*Full Body A*
5.Dumbbell Floor Press 2-4 sets x6-10
2.Goblet Squat 2-4 sets x6-10
1.Neutral Pull Ups 2-4 sets x4-10
4.Single Leg Dumbbell RDL 2-4 sets x6-10
3.Dumbbell OHP 2-4 sets x6-10
6.Lateral DB Raises 2-4 sets x10-15
7.EZ Bar Curls 2-3sets x8-10
8.Overhead Tricep Extensions 2-3 sets x10-15

*Full Body B*
4.Sumo Squat 2-4 sets x6-10
3.Neutral Close Grip DB Press 2-4 sets x6-12
2.Bulgarian Split Squat 2-4 sets x6-10
1.EZ Bar Row 2-4 sets x6-10
6.Urlachers 2-4 sets x6-12
8.Locked Out Front Raises 2-4 sets x6-12
5.Dumbbell Chest Flyes 2-4 sets x8-10
7.Hammer Curls 2-3 sets x8-10

Iím most likely at high 20 to low 30% body fat, my jobs very sedentary but I stay active at work, looking to gain muscle, lose fat and get more of an aesthetic look with functional strength.

Again, ANY suggestions and criticism are welcomed, just want to really hammer down this workout to the best of my ability. Thank you all for your time.