I've been doing squats as part of a compound intensive program for many years (over 10 by now) and never a trace of injury so I may stand corrected however I'm confident my form is generally strong. Never once a single back issue.

That said my current issue is mid quads a little to the sides are feeling strained. My logic was initially its muscular so let them rest they'll be fine. However, it's persisting. Usually I feel it most with daily movements related to "getting out of the hole" part of the squat. Generally during the workout I don't feel great discomfort in this area. As I get myself off a sofa I may feel it, I don't think I'd call it a pain so I have difficulty rating it out of 10 but that sensation definitely should not be there.

However, this came to be when I decided to take a more intensive routine with squats doing them maybe even 4 to 5 times a week. I have about 250 lbs on the rack typically doing 4 sets of 8. Yes that's enthusiastic, I'm aware doing it that many times a week. However I never had physical injuries from the gym so I approached it nevertheless. I'm not very heavy about 6 feet tall, probably close to 175 lbs no health issues and 38. It is balanced and equal between legs, and feels more on the outside rather than inside thighs.

Thanks for any time and observations.