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    Default Confused cut or bulk?

    I just started the gym for the first time last week. Here are my stats:

    38 years old
    Slim(ish?) body but haven't been active in years

    I have a flat stomach when standing (and would look slim even in a tight shirt) but when sitting or bending down I have a bit of extra weight there. I don't need/ want abs but want to lose most of the belly weight. I also have a little extra weight I guess in the love handle region although I don't have love handles. If I were to put a tight pair of boxer briefs on I'd have a very small muffin top I want to get rid of. This is priority number one. I also want a bigger/ toned chest and arms. This is the second priority.

    What I'm currently doing:
    I've been going every day to the gym except for the weekend. I've been doing an hour of cardio (mostly treadmill). And every other day alternate between arms and leg days on top of the cardio. My thought process was the cardio would help slim down my waist line and the weight training obviously for the muscle growth.

    I've been doing a ton of reading and have cut back my calorie intake and only eating healthy foods. High protein after the workout.

    Tonight I read it's very hard to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. So my main question is should I focus on losing the belly weight first? Should I just do cardio and reduce calories/ eat right? No weight training? Or am I slim enough that the cardio will help cut my stomach while I gain muscle?

    I tried to include a body picture for reference but I can't figure out how to attach. After I hit upload nothing happens.
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    manage attachments -> add files -> select files -> upload files
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