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    Default Possible pectoral tear??

    Hello while i was bench pressing which i did nothing different than i normally do. On the way back up from chest heard a rip/tear sound but was able to push weight on up and rack it myself. Afterwards i could not push any weight with my left arm at all. The muscle between armpit and major pec is what i hurt.Its 3 days later now and i have no bruising or deformity from what i can tell the muscle that connects from pec to armpit is just extremely sore still. Any ideas?? Im thinking since i have no bruising then maybe its not torn just strained i hope. Pain only hurts when i raise my arm up in front of me and it still hurts if i try a push up. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My left pectoral is slightly more swollen than my right too. However today is day 5 and still no bruising and pain is noticeable but better. I was able to do tricep pressdowns today with no pain to the underarm area so is it possibly ok??
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