How can I simulate the LifeCircuit 12 rep set on a non-electronic workout machine? I enjoyed the LifeCircuit computerized strength equipment, which apparently do not exist anymore. How can I simulate that 12 rep set that those machines featured on a typical non-computerized workout machine at say Planet Fitness. The LifeCircuit set had the exerciser lift at 75% of his max on the first rep, 80% on the second, 90% on the third, 100% on the next 6 reps, 90% on the 10th, 80% on the 11th and 70% on the last rep. I'm pretty sure those percentages were not based on someone's 1 rep max. If they were not based on someone's 1 rep max, which I assume they weren't, how can I translate these percentages or quantities on the LifeCircuit 12 rep set to percentages of my personal 1 rep max? In other words, how do I simulate that LifeCircuit set on conventional machines?