BEAM Vegan Protein Chocolate Brownie


Chocolate Brownie - Chocolate Brownie from BEAM is the second flavor the brand has produced for its Vegan Protein. While a lot of companies go for single flavor chocolate I found this was hybrid milk chocolate and swiss chocolate combination. As the flavors mesh together you will notice how strong and bold the flavors compliment each other. Brownies have a diverse chocolate flavor that resembles fudge, and in this protein you will pick that up on the backend. How BEAM can replicate a dessert into a vegan protein powder is truly remarkable. The three things that stand out are the mouth-feel, creaminess, and minimal amount of chalkiness from the protein powder.


BEAM Vegan protein is much creamier than most vegan protein powders on the market. The two inclusions of Smooth Protein and Clean Cream leave a smooth and creamy consistency. I found 8-10oz of water or almond milk to be a sweet spot per scoop with the BEAM Vegan Protein. I also make protein pudding where you place a scoop of protein in a bowl and slowly add water to form a thick paste. Both are common ways to use the protein, and I found zero clumps when mixing in both fashions.


Calories ~ 100
Fat ~ .5g
Carbs ~ 3g
Protein ~ 20g

Protein -→ Pea Protein, Mung Bean Protein (High bioavailability and leucine), Pumpkin Seed Protein
Clean Cream & Smooth Protein (Create the ultimate texture / mouth feel)
Apple Fiber & Blueberry Fiber
Gum Blend (Thickener)

- Incredible Taste
- Very Pure Flavor
- Mixes Smooth for Vegan Protein
- No Chalky Aftertaste