Celsius Peach Vibe Energy Drinks



Peach Vibe – Peach Vibe is an exclusive flavor that came over from Sweden to the United States. This is a sparkling variety that means it is carbonated. The flavor is realistic, has a strong sweet peach flavor that hits you from the very first sip. The conjunction of the carbonation instantly made me think of a diet peach fanta with the enrichment of eating a fresh peach. The refreshing white peach aftertaste and the initial carbonation leaves a lingering flavor that is fantastic.


20mg Niacin (Improve Brain Function)

1.81g Meta Plus Prop Blend
~200mg Caffeine
Guarana Extract (Extend Caffeine Half-Life)
Glucuronolactone (Improve Focus/Attention)
Ginger Extract (Improve Brain Function)
Taurine (Improve Athletic Performance & Energy Levels)
Green Tea Leaf Extract (Boost Energy)

Ranking of Flavors

1) Fuji Apple
2) Peach Vibe
3) Sparkling Grape
4) Sparking Kiwi Guava
5) Grapefruit Melon Green Tea
6) Peach Mango Green Tea
7) Sparkling Orange
8) Sparkling Wild Berry