Hello guys. I'm looking to using weight to improve my fitness and strength. The problems is I have Scheuermann's disease - it's basically a twisted spine - makes everything a bit wonky. Mine isn't so bad you can't see it that much but it does course pain. Basically it makes one side stronger than the other, which twists things out.

I also have a messed up leg, so I can't run. I'm registered as disabled.

I've been advised to exercise with light weights. What I've been doing is using light weights. What I have been doing with 2K weights is 100 Bicep curls, 50 just pushing the weight up vertical - stud-up.(sorry I don't know what you would call that), and 30 raising the arms to the side.

I'm not bothered about getting big, I guess I'm doing cardio really. But I have bought a set of weights the can go up to 10K on each. Can you tell me how to maybe build up a bit but still use the exercises to give me a bit of cardio.