I'm 63 and have arthritis in the joint at the base of my left thumb ("CMC joint"). It's interfering with my ability to do dumbbell curls and dumbbell bench presses. I'm wondering if there is a tool I can buy to get around this. I would need something that would lock in the weight so that I'm basically lifting with my wrist and forearm without having to grip with my hand or at least not with my thumb. Actually I can use my 4 fingers ok, but cannot involve the thumb practically at all. As it is, the pain in my hand becomes too intense way before the target muscles are tired. I tried using lifting straps, but those are not intended for use at the angle applicable to dumbbell curls or bench press. They don't help. I have read about lifting hooks, but also saw a comment that these also are not appropriate for dumbbell curls. They are for deadlifts or pull-ups or rowing - that kind of motion, and the comment I saw says if you try to use them for curls, the dumbbell will just start to roll out of the hook. I used to do benchpress with 45 lb dumbbells. Now even using just 25 lb dumbbells, I do 20 reps and my hand gives out before the target muscles are tired at all. CMC joint arthritis is really common as people age. I would think someone would have designed a tool to get around gripping with the thumb while weightlifting. But I have not seen one. Any suggestions? [By the way, when they say a big improvement between apes and humans was having thumbs that oppose the finger - it's no joke. Try getting through your day without using your thumbs. It's pathetic; sometimes I have to have my wife open jars for me; can't open doors with left hand; not easy to wring out a washcloth.]