Gaspari Proven Greens & Reds


Natural Flavor - The natural flavor from Gaspari is a hybrid berry flavor. At first sip, you get a faint berry melody with an earthly backend taste. While you still get the lingering raw active taste it is almost inevitable to mask when creating a diverse greens. The overall mouthfeel is soothing and does not provide any bitter aftertaste, which Greens are notorious for. It comes with no surprise Gaspari did a good job of flavoring a Greens formula. That is a common attribute to their brand's product line.


Gaspari Proven Greens mixes very well for a greens product Most greens powders have very bad Mixability and leave a lot of clumping. I found this to mix much easier than other brands on the market. When mixed up it does leave some particles and at the bottom of your shaker, but that is going to be inevitable with such a complex Greens formula. The way Gaspari can make a large raw active greens profile shows the amount of quality control the company put into formulating this product. My sweet spot with Gaspari Proven Greens is 1 scoop in 12-14oz of water.


5g Organic Greens Blends (Vitamins & Minerals)
2g Organic Red Blend (Health & Wellness)
2g Prebiotic Fiber (Enhance Digestion)
1g Immunity & Metabolic Blend (Ease Inflammation)
3 Billion CFU’s (Probiotic for Gut Health & Break down food)

Proven Greens & Reds is Gaspari's premium, nutrient-dense, all-natural, superfood, high in natural vitamins and minerals, and strong phytonutrients that help promote good health and a strong immune system, good digestion, helps process toxins and naturally balances alkalinity