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    Default good plan 2 build ass ?

    okay so iím v fAt but i lost 40 lbs in 5 months from going vegan but hit plateau so realize i actually need to exercise. i really hate my ass so i want to focus on that outside of basic cardio (bike). this is what iíve been doing;;;;

    first of all,, i donít count reps. i have a 20 minute playlist of 5 songs. each song i just do exercise until itís over.
    song 1 - squats
    song 2 - standing hip extension
    song 3 - donkey kicks
    song 4 - standing hydrant
    song 5 - squats
    is this good to fix my butt ?? please tell me if there are better things to try.

    also,,, i was in a v bad car accident / fell down 2 flights of stairs and ****ed my knee a few months ago so any tips to like not rek my **** even more lol

    also,,,, any tips for donkey kicks bc i feel like no matter what i do iím not doing them right. whenever i lift my leg i totally lean on the other side, i canít keep balance and i think that messes up entire exercise.

    iím sorry this is so long idk what iím doing helb

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    I think your 20-minute, 5-song workout is creative. For the donkey kicks, I start in a position on my hands and knees and do 15 reps on each leg with a total of 4 completed sets. Sometimes I feel like I'm leaning more on one side than the other, but as long as you keep your arms in a locked position and concentrate on the exercise itself, you should be fine.

    I also do fire hydrants from a position where I'm on all-fours (same 4 sets, 15 reps for each leg routine). One other thing I do periodically when I'm home is to 'slow walk' from room to room and flexing your glutes with each step you take. I started doing that a month ago, and it seems to help. When I do squats, I usually do them while holding dumbbells in my hands. The extra weight is beneficial in helping develop your backside. I'm not flexible enough or strong enough to do lunges or Bulgarian squats, and pistol squats are out of the question for me! I have an old basketball injury to one of my knees, and I like playing music when I workout, otherwise, with each squat, my knee sounds like a bowl of rice krispies. I've only been working out since last November, and in 7 months, my butt is as firm and shapely as it's ever been. Other parts of my body have been transformed too, which is pretty surprising to me. I've never really worked out before last fall, and my lament is that I wish I'd started doing this years ago, but at 61, I'm just glad I'm able to do a good workout routine at all!



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