Gaspari Proven Egg Protein


Richie’s Peanut Butter Cup - Gaspari really perfected the milk chocolate flavor as you have seen in my previous review on Proven Egg. The peanut butter flavor is on point with a welcoming dense and creamy addition, but it's doesn’t carry enough weight to complement their chocolate. I would state this is a 70/30 ratio of chocolate to peanut butter. If Gaspari touched up the amount of peanut butter offered in their protein it would improve the balance between the two flavors. One other thing I will nitpick is I enjoy salty peanut butter. Salt helps enhance the flavor, which could be a vital aspect of amplifying the base flavor. For an egg protein, this is as good as it gets for a Reees knockoff.


Gaspari Proven Egg mixes on the thick side due to being an egg protein powder. This is typical for other companies that manufacture egg protein. I would consider adding 6-8oz per scoop to find a good powder/liquid ratio. Some may prefer upward to 12-14 if you enjoy a thin protein shake. This is fantastic when mixed with yogurt to make a protein pudding. That is my number one way to use this product for a sludge-like consistency.


Per Scoop:
110 Calories
0g Fat
1g Carbs
25g Protein

egg white
sunflower lecithin
natural cocoa and chocolate flavor
Peanut Flour
Stevia Extract