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    Default Shoulder/Shoulder Blade Always Strained

    Hey everyone, I am having an issue Google hasn't helped me out much on. At the end of 2019, I kept straining my shoulders and shoulder blades constantly and it usually happened days after a workout, not during. I'd be 2 days post-workout and I would wake up with my shoulder blade in intense pain. I got it x-rayed and they said there were no issues. During quarantine, I only worked out light weights every now and then but did not have much of a routine, just kind of floated by. I resumed workouts last week without issue, then I bend over to grab something out of the fridge this morning (2 days post-workout) and as soon as I reach my arm out I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder blade and now it feels strained out of nowhere.

    I am starting to feel hopeless and part of me wants to give up working out and weight training entirely. I have never had any issues up until Oct to now after years of doing it so having this feel like its plague-ing me is exhausting.

    Has anyone here had a similar experience or know of a similar situation?

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    I'm forever "pulling" that area, however I do have an underlying condition which may exacerbate it anyway; but, just take it easy and then once the shoulder has eased, gently do some rotations then wait until you're ready to lift stuff again; and being mindful of reaching for stuff will also help. When we're lifting weights, we tend to be really mindful of our movements but once we're just reaching for stuff (under bed, vacuuming etc) we tend to not think about over-reaching and that's when a lot of muscle pulls and strains can and do occur. You can't avoid all of them but it will lessen some; then be aware of sleeping position which can also make a difference.

    Just a few things to consider.
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