Bang Energy Radical Skadattle


Radical Skadattle – Radical Sakdattle has a similar look to Rainbow Unicorn off the Bang lineup. When popping the can open I did pick up a smell that resembled a mix of Frose Rose and Rainbow Unicorn. Upon the first sip, the flavoring is strong and has a luscious amount of sweetness. The mix of fruity flavors gives me a wild berry skittles replica. Combine that with a hint of bubblegum in the backend to create an incredibly unique flavor. Radical Skadattle is heavy in the candy flavoring for those who enjoy a mix of skittles, nerds, and starbursts. Bang continues to deliver with another fantastic flavor that adds to their growing lineup. If you are looking for a sweet beverage that has a multitude of flavors this one fits the bill.


~300mg Caffeine
Bang is known as an energy drink or an afternoon pick me up. With a long listing blend, it is hard to say how much COQ10, EAA”s, and Creatine you are truly getting. For an on the go, and an affordable energy drink Bang Energy is a very popular option.

Top 10 Rankings

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2. Candy Apple Crisp
3. Radical Skadattle
4. Sour Heads
5. Frose Rose
6. Cotton Candy
7. Purple Haze
8. Rainbow Unicorn
9. Bangster Berry
10. Black Cherry Vanilla