Gaspari Proven Vegan Double Chocolate Cake


Double Chocolate Cake - Chocolate Cake from Gaspari is the second flavor the brand has produced for its Vegan Protein. While a lot of companies go for single flavor chocolate I found this was hybrid milk chocolate and dark chocolate combination. As the flavors mesh together you will notice how strong and bold the flavors compliment each other. Cake usually has a buttery undertone in the backend, but I did not pick that up in this vegan protein. I did pick up a slight fudgy aftertaste, which enhanced the overall presence of chocolate in the flavor. How Gaspari can replicate a dessert into a vegan protein powder is truly remarkable. Gaspari was able to make the vegan protein have a unique mouth-feel, creaminess, and minimal amount of chalkiness from the protein powder.


Gaspari Proven Vegan mixes on the thick side due to being a vegan protein powder. This is typical for other companies that manufacture vegan protein. I would consider adding 8-12oz per scoop to find a good powder/liquid ratio. Some may prefer upward to 12-16oz if you enjoy a thinner vegan protein shake. This is fantastic when mixed with yogurt to make a protein pudding. That is my number one way to use this product for a sludge and pudding like consistency.


Per Scoop:
160 Calories
4g Fat
6g Carbs
22g Protein

Organic Pea Protein Isolate
Organic Brown Rice Protein
Organic Cocoa
Organic Coconut Oil Powder
Organic Inulin Fiber
Organic Stevia

Gaspari Nutrition's new Proven Vegan Protein only uses all organic, non-GMO, non-animal sourced protein blends of pea protein isolate, brown rice and hemp seed protein, providing complete dietary protein, with all the essential, amino acids. No soy, no gluten and all organic flavoring, stevia sweetener and fiber, and it comes in delicious, all-natural, non-GMO, organic flavors.