Hi Guys,

I have been suffering with a super supraspinatus sprain and sharp pain in my left forearm (same side as the sprained shoulder) for a year now. I'm not sure how i developed the shoulder sprain, probable from improper form on exercises really exposing the rotator cuff. But the forearm, pain has defiantly arisen from gripping the bar to hard when curling, and too much weight on my weaker side.

I've tried almost everything, I have had multi sports massages which helped a lot but couldn't completely fix the issue. The physio didn't really help, plus with COVID I had to stop seeing them. Lightweight has allowed me to train but pain eventually comes.

These two injuries have really stopped my shoulder and bicep development and it's not ideal. I've tried BPC-157 and it did help. Recently I have bought another couple BPC-157 with TB-500.

Would these two fix both issues? Or should I been approaching my training differently or trying to stretch the muscles etc.

Thanks for any replies!