General Statistics
-I work from home through a computer, so I'm on a computer at least 10 hours a day. I do take 1 to 1 hour & 30 Minute workout/exercise breaks in between the hours of work once to twice a day. I exercise 3-6 days a week
-All I drink is water (at least 36 oz throughout the day) & some green tea when i work, nothing else.
-I take multi-vitamin supplement everyday after meal. taken a photo of the ingredient of one of the brand ďOpti-Men, Evlution VitaMode Multivitamin
-I take mental clarity memory & mood boost (jay cutler cognition product).
-I take PRO-50 Probiotic capsule in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach everyday.
- I try to always stay hydrated with water only every hour of the day when Iím up.
- Nothing unusual change of sleeping structure if thatís a concern that may affect right arm recover, I usually sleep laying on my back or sideways with nothing block or holding down my arms, usually set them straight/free.

Current Situation

Time Period: Iíve been working out exercising at home with body weight workouts like push ups, squats & just light cable & dumbbell weights for 2-3 years & have been fine until recently like 6 months from now where my right arm just feel always sore strain in a unusual way. No matter how much protein or recovery supplement I take, or even sleep 8-9 hours, it seems to always be in strain. When I just started working out 3 years ago, I wasnít even taking any supplement, just some protein snacks & food for recovery & had always been able to workout just fine. But now I have all types of supplement from pre workout energy to muscle recovery protein, it seems that my workout routine & body has been worst, which is very odd.

Problem: Right arm, right under the triceps & above the elbows, I feel some sort of Muscle strain like energy draining as I use its muscle in any way. My left arm is totally fine, it sometimes has regular sore but nothing like muscle strain & feels normal. Whenever I exercise in activity that requires both arms such as push up, I always feel imbalance like my right arm is doing most of the work while the left arm feels not much of a pump or muscle used. I deliver light packages to UPS, USPS daily & whenever I hold them with my right arm it just feels strain/sore real quickly over a couple minutes while my left arm will also feel just regular sore without no strain normally. Also my right arm is the strength arm so this is very odd. I also tried just putting both my hands 90 degree angle straight & the right arm will have the usual strain sore in no time.

Results: Because of the problem listed above, I can barely workout properly or get a proper right pump. For example if I rest for a good 2-4 days, both my arm will feel alright but just one workout attempt and the problem back at it again til I stop again. Iíve been working out even with the right arm muscle strain but barely get much work in.

I always been trying to get at least a hour workout in whenever I can but lately this right arm problem has been bothering me forever and because I don't have any medical insurance plan, I'm trying to find the least cost efficient way to fix this problem.