I am beginner/semi advanced with training/working. Recently I decided to do both of them together because i love both of them. It has been a several weeks only so far and it's going well, i see progress in both of them, in running i improve every week and i see my body in a bit better shape. But i want to hear your opinion on my training program if I can improve something here.
Also i take protein shake after every training and i eat more fruits, vegetables, chicken breast, eggs and tuna.

Monday (afternoon): workout - chest, triceps, abs
Tuesday (evening): long run
Wednesday (afternoon): workout - back, biceps, abs
Thursday (afternoon or evening): tempo run / trail run
Friday (afternoon): workout - shoulders, legs, abs
Saturday - rest day
Sunday (morning): tempo run / interval run

Of course i won't be the best in both of them, but my goal is to gain muscle mass and improve in running.
Do you think this is fine? I appreciate a lot any advice