I am 18 years old male 5 foot 10 160 pounds with about 15% body fat. I am considering starting a bulk and putting on about 20-30 pounds. From what I understand; I eat a ton of food (caloric surplus) for a few months until a reach my desired weight, and in that time gain muscle and fat quicker. Then once I have reached my weight goal I go on a cut. With cutting I would be in a caloric deficit in order to lose the fat but keep the muscle. So since I have never done this before and don't have complete understanding of it, would anyone be able to tell me if what I have said is all correct? Also when I am cutting; for example I eat 2500 calories a day. Would I still be able to eat 2500 calories (I love my food) a day but burn 500 calories from running (and not replace them) therefore putting me in a caloric deficit? Please let me know if what I am saying is accurate or if you have any other suggestions to help me.