Iíve started weight training last April, and was progressing well into I started to get finger pain around August. It progressed to being very painful during towel pull ups (tight grip), and even dumbell curls, with the stress going through the hand (which you wouldnít usually be aware of).

Iíve been x-rayed, the doc said itís not arthritis, but tendonitis, and just gave me gel and cream.

Iíve recently done zero training, as even push ups were painful. The fingers are getting very slowly better, but my index fingers on both hands are still very weak, and painful with any weight through them at all, even just in daily life.

I seem to have good days, then bad days where I seem to get pain in my index fingers for no reason.

Has anybody had this? How did you recover? What timeframe am I realistically looking at? Why did it happen?