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    Default Overtraining - Help Please

    Hi All

    I would really appreciate some help on this, either advice given or a link to something.

    I am 37 and was working out far too much, 7 days a week, pretty much for the past 2 years, usually with cardio or legs in the morning and upper body in the afternoon, long sessions as well - most recently following the Arnie advanced routine from his book, working each muscle group 3 times a week.

    The last 2 years I have been getting no results at all, I was keeping in shape, but you wouldn't even look at me a few weeks apart and think I was working out. I was basically training for the sake of training.

    In December, both elbows were hurting, so I have had a 2 month break so far, where I have just been doing spin and running each day (I need to do something).

    I have read a lot of articles re overtraining, however they all focus on realising you are overtraining, none seem to tell you how long to rest, and what to do / how to go back to training when ready.

    I am planning to wait until mid-March, meaning a 3 month break. Do you feel this is long enough? (elbows seem healed now)

    And what would you go back into? I am going to stick to 3-4 days of weights a week. Some ideas I have had initially are:

    a) The 3 day 5x5 strong lifts program, so just compound moves and no isolation moves for a while, along with a core day (hangs, farmers walks, etc), then fill in the other days with a bit of cardio.

    b) 2 days of full body workouts (4x8 or 4x12 type) and 2 days of kettlebell cardio type workouts, again with the cardio on the other days

    c) Just kettlebell cardio type workouts, along with rowing machine/core type stuff

    I'd very much appreciate any advice, as I can't seem to find anything specific to this online, and really want to get back to training next month in the safest way, but with the best chance of actually making gains.



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    Training is good for health but anything excessive is not granted. Overtraining can cost,

    Not eating enough. Weightlifters who maintain an intense training schedule may also cut back on calories. ...
    Soreness, strain, and pain. ...
    Overuse injuries. ...
    Fatigue. ...
    Reduced appetite and weight loss. ...
    Irritability and agitation. ...
    Persistent injuries or muscle pain. ...
    The decline in performance.

    So, try not to overtrain.



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