I got some advice to post this here. Hope thatís ok. :
Ive always stayed fit, but Iíve been working hard with working out for a few years only. Iím 48 and I¬ím starting to feel like I¬ím fighting a loosing battle. I¬ím happy with how I look overall, I¬ím 6 feet, 180 and I know my body isn¬ít going to react like it did in my 20s, but I also feel like I have trouble spots that are worse than they should be. I work out 6 days a week, running and weights - and drink beer only on Saturdays. I know...I shouldn¬ít...but I give myself one freakin day. So since Covid I¬ím out of the gym, but I¬íve built a nice little home gym and in some ways I think I look better now. BUT my outer pecks and the skin under my arms...not the triceps area but literally under my armpit, or wing area is showing signs of loose skin. It looks terrible.

I do dumbbell bench, dumbbell fly, wide grip push-ups, close grip triceps push-ups, close grip triceps bench press with dumbbells. (Plus I have 3 kettlebell weights I use for squats).

The one thing that has fallen off is back day, and any kind of pulldown, both chest (cross overs) and Lat, simply due to lack of a pull down option equipment wise. Ok. So, I mentioned my focus areas. So, 2 questions:

1. Could adding a dedicated back day help with my outer peck and underarm issue, (maybe a dumbbell row?) 2. Should I be adding an exercise I’m not thinking of to target that area? ...or am I just 48 and being 48 sucks.

This is my first post, so if I’ve broken any rules or insulted anyone, I apologize. Any assistance is appreciated.